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Formostar Infrared Body Wrap Reducing System (60 min)
  This radical treatment consists of an infrared light wrap is very effective in shaping the body. Ideal as a shock therapy for rapid weight and measurement reduction and for eliminating toxins. It calms specific pain in some areas of the body and relieves sciatic
and arthritic pain, as well as muscle pain and menstrual pain.
It is also recommended to reduce cellulite.
Reducing Treatment (50 min)
  This treatment consists of twelve therapeutic sessions, applying active reducing agents that avoid the formation and storage of body fat or reduce its presence. It also relieves the retention of toxins,
noticeably trimming the silhouette and achieving firm and revitalized tissues.
The aim of this treatment is the elimination of toxins and wastes since they are strong promoters of fat accumulation.
Anti-Cellulite Treatment (50 min)
  Therapy applied during twelve sessions, stimulating the lipolyses and draining the toxic substances, improving blood micro-circulation, preventing the formulation and accumulation of new fats, diminishing
crepy skin and puffiness, giving the skin more firmness and elasticity.
Firming Treatment (50 min)
  Twelve sessions aimed at efficiently fighting against the flaccidity of the tissues, giving new firmness and achieving skin elasticity, while at the same time improving circulation and stimulating the blood vessels.
Anti-Stretch Marks Treatment (50 min)
  Special procedure for the prevention and reduction of stretch marks. The application of musk rose oil regenerates and repairs areas affected by stretch marks, promotes firmness, elasticity, hydration and nutrition of the skin. This therapy is ideal for pregnant
women and for women who have already given birth and dislike the effects of radical weight increase and body volume.
Bust Lifting (50 min)
  This treatment maintains the beauty and firmness ofthe breasts, increasing the breasts’ density and skin firmness, maintaining them smooth and hydrated and noticeably improving the elasticity of the bust, restructuring and regenerating this area.