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Relaxing Massage (30 or 50 min)
  Whole-body, soft or firm massage to reduce tension, increase circulation and improve the appearance of the skin as well as muscle tone, relieving tired muscles.
Reductive Massage (30 min)
  Do away with the extra pounds located in specific areas of your body! Because of the drainage and movement of fatty acids, the deposits of toxins and adiposities are eliminated so that the body becomes progressively free of tightened and tense muscles,
leaving you with a feeling firmness and vitality.
Lymphatic Drainage Massage (50 min)
  Powerful therapy that acts on the lymphatic system to purify and eliminate body wastes and toxins by means of a smooth, silky massage with a deep therapeutic and metabolic effect that also reinforces the immune system. Indispensable for any anticellulite
program or reducing regimen.
Reflexology Massage (30 min)
  Massage treatment with stimulation of specific points in the nerve endings of the feet and hands, harmoniously liberating tension and revitalizing body energy at the same time. This promotes relaxation, serenity and a feeling of well-being throughout the entire body.
Sports Massage (50 min)
  Designed to alleviate and prevent muscle pain by relaxing tight joints that are the result of intense exercise.
It includes stretching and sliding movements, as well as pressure and deep tissue manipulation. Ideal for finishing up a hard day of exercise.
Hot Stone Massage (80 min)
  This massage has become a big favorite. The goal is to make the body energy flow until a state of lethargy, well-being and relaxation is produced. The stone stimulates the senses and the heat, transmitted all through the body, reduces tension, improves circulation, dissolves toxins, alleviates pain and stress.
Pregnancy Massage (50 min)
  Massage designed especially for pregnant women, improving blood circulation and eliminating toxins, relieving water retention and actively combating tiredness in the legs.
Recommended for achieving rest and relaxation from the fourth to the eighth month of pregnancy.
Back Massage (30 min)
  Totally relaxing massage made of long, soft and firm movements that eliminate stress and alleviate muscle tension which is usually concentrated in the neck, shoulders and back.
Massage for Tired Legs (30 min)
  This special massage diminishes the heavy sensation and circulation disorders in the extremities, resulting in legs that are better toned and feel lighter. Ideal for people who spend a lot of time on their feet and also for those who have leg circulation problems.
Aromatherapy Massage (50 min)
  Massage that offers complete relaxation by means of the combination of aromatherapy with essential oils and massage techniques that free you of stress and the feeling of physical and mental tiredness.