Ir a Servicios
Marine Bath (30 min)
  Innovating synergist therapy that combines extracts of marine algae, freeze-dried marine water and essential oils of juniper, rosemary and sage which purify, detoxify and revitalize the body, draining impurities and toxins.
Ideal as a preparation before beginning reducing diets and physical conditioning programs.
Floral Bath (30 min)
  Submerge all your body in a delicious and stimulating massage of hydrotin with milk, essential oils of rosemary, rose and geranium accompanied by lots of flower petals which also give a uniform color and an agreeable velvety texture to the skin.
Royal Bath (30 min)
  Delicious, elegant and authentic milk bath with bubbles that become a silky mousse in the water. This sensuous perfume makes you feel serene. It also auments the moisturizing and nutritive qualities of
the skin.
Energetic Bath (30 min)
  Fabulous bath therapy using essential oils of cinnamon, mint and basil, ingredients which aid in toning the skin and activating body circulation, rejuvenating the body.
Anti-Stress Bath (30 min)
  Relaxing bath therapy using lemon balm and rosemary aromatic oils along with the hypothermic oil drops, generating calmness and profound serenity, relieving tension and stress.