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Facial Cleaning (50 min)
  Basic facial treatment, ideal for cleaning, purification and balancing of congested skin.
Deep Moisturizing (80 min)
  Advanced facial treatment in order to recover fresh and healthy-looking skin. This process combats both superficial and deep skin dehydration, protects skin from damage caused by the environment and leaves it glowing.
Acne Control (80 min)
  Purifying therapy to reduce greasy shine and prevent acne breakouts using antibacterial substances that are calming and refreshing.
Anti-aging Treatment (80 min)
  A sophisticated treatment for the prevention and repair of aging signs which allows the skin to recover its firmness, elasticity and tone, making it look healthy, replenished and hydrated.
Skin Whitening Treatment (80 min)
  Special therapy that efficiently combats facial blotches, promoting skin renovation, lightening, protecting and revitalizing of the skin with depigmentation substances.
Diamond Treatment (80 min)
  This is our Spa’s star treatment and is a unique multisensorial experience that is difficult to equal. This advanced anti-aging facial procedure regenerates and stimulates the skin, minimizing wrinkles and increasing the skin’s luminosity which results in a
smooth, velvet texture thanks to its innovative active ingredients. The use of oriental massage techniques gives the skin elasticity, reducing fatigue and relaxing the body and mind.
Inhibit Treatment (80 min)
  Facial procedure for inhibiting expression lines. The benefits are spectacular, eliminating the formation of expression lines and plumping up the furrows and laugh lines, regenerating and repairing the skin, offering maximum elasticity and hydration.
This includes a novel Japanese massage which offers maximum body relaxation and enhances the facial treatment in order to achieve real results.
Micro-Dermabrasion (50 min)
  This treatment makes use of small crystals that remove the skin’s dead cells by means of a very delicate exfoliation which gives you spectacular benefits. Ideal for reducing hyperpigmentation,
discoloration and the effects of acne. It includes smoothing the expression lines and pores. It reduces post-operative scars and stretch marks and improves the circulation and oxygenation, giving you more youthful and healthy skin.
Men's Facial (80 min)
  A facial treatment exclusively for men. It includes exfoliation, hydration and deep pore cleaning as well as techniques to relieve skin tenderness and irritation caused by everyday shaving.
Oxygenotherapy (50 min)
  This therapy is based on the use of an oxygen generator that impregnates the skin with vitamins and moisturizers. It stimulates the bonding of oxygen to collagen and elastin, promoting the
creation of new cells. The subcutaneous action of the oxygen noticeably eliminates toxins. While this therapy can be used for all types of skin, it is ideal for anti-aging treatments and moisturizing procedures.
Face Lifting (80 min)
  An excellent renovation and enhancement treatment. Thanks to the application of concentrations of vitamin C and ginseng the skin recovers the characteristics of firmness and youthfulness. The
epidermis of the face is toned, firming up the face area and diffusing wrinkles.
Eye Lifting (30 min)
  A curative treatment providing quick freshness and rest for the eye area. Wrinkles are smoothed, fatigue lines are erased, under-eye bags and rings are reduced, notably rejuvenating countenance
and general appearance.
Aromatic Treatment (50 min)
  Relaxing and toning method which combines the beneficial effects of essential oils with the most advanced digitopression techniques, ending with a nutritive mask which is personalized to your specific
needs. You skin will show truly surprising results.
Back Cleaning (60 min)
  Deep cleaning treatment which includes exfoliation and the extraction of impurities, followed by an antibacterial, detoxifying and relaxing mask, and ending up with a light massage.