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Silk Veil Wrap (50 min)
  A treatment that is highly moisturizing and makes the skin soft and smooth, providing extraordinary elasticity and silkiness. This prepares the skin before sun bathing or regenerates it after being in the sun, preserving a golden and lasting tan.
Chocolate Wrap (50 min)
  Smooth, warm and delicious, this wrap delineates the silhouette, caresses the skin, wakes up the senses and provides sensations of pure pleasure. This helps reduce hip measurement, smooths crepy skin, and especially inhibits stress and muscular rigidity.
Grape Wrap (50 min)
  This wrap attacks the effects of aging thanks to the benefits of vinotherapy. Grapes are a powerful antiradical agents with amazing anti-oxidant properties. The skin is toned, maintained youthful, elastic, shiny, and has new vitality. The subtle aroma of the
grapes relieves stress and complete well-being.
Seaweed Wrap (50 min)
  Marine algae are the source of life and health for all organisms. They act as protection for the skin and as anti-stress agents, fighting the effects of aging, firming and regenerating body tissues.
Manzanilla Wrap (50 min)
  This treatment moisturizes skin that has been reddened or damaged from exposure to the sun, promoting intense repair of skin tissues.
Mosaic Wrap (50 min)
  New treatment that adapts the properties of each one of our products to the needs of each skin type and to the specific area to be treated. When applied to the neck, shoulders, arms or back it
makes you relaxed and smooths and hydrates at the same time; when used on the abdomen and waist, it firms and improves blood circulation; when applied to the legs, it reduces inflammation,
improves blood circulation, moisturizes and smooths.
Cleopatra Wrap (50 min)
  Just like Cleopatra created it! This wrap is made up of a mixture of creams and oils enriched with milk protein and marine collagen that nurture the skin and leave is silky, moisturized and smoothed.
Thermal Clay Wrap (50 min)
  The combination of clay, silt and marine algae on the skin generates a powerful detoxification action along with its agreeable thermogenic bubbly texture, eliminating tension and waking up the senses. Ideal for back pain and for eliminating muscular contractions.
Parafango Wrap (50 min)
  This wrap is a mixture of paraffin and sea mud enriched with oil elements which achieves a complete therapeutic effect, activating the circulation and eliminating toxins. An impressive reduction of
cellulitis and liquid retention is achieved. This treatment diminishes stretch marks and relieves muscular pain which smoothing the skin and optimizing the penetration of moisturizing and regenerative
All wraps include exfoliation and end with a shower and the application of smoothing and moisturizing creams.